Shrek 4 aka Green BANC

17 06 2009

New style that is pretty awesome. Shrek! I also saw a wolverine so if you are interested in that just send an email,

Style: BANC Shrek and Fiona
Color: Any
Size: Any

Status: Available

Description: BANC T-shirt with Shrek and Fiona design on the front


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BANC Shrek or Fiona

BANC Shrek Front

BANC Shrek Back

BANC Shrek Design Front

BANC Shrek Design Back

BANC Fiona Front

BANC Fiona Back


Trying to reach Farah

17 06 2009

A friend of BANC tried to reach me the other day via email.  I wanted to let them know that I am not ignoring them.  I have tried to email back multiple times but it keeps coming back that the email can not be reached.  If this is you please send me an alternate email address so I can answer your questions.

To everyone else, remember that BANC t-shirts are now all $50 USD.  I have some great t-shirts that I will post later.


Some Other Sale Items

16 06 2009

As many of you already know the BANC t-shirts are on sale right now for $50 USD. There are some great old designs that are still in stock and some new ones that look great!.

The other items that are going to be on sale will be on the right and have an *ON SALE designation. Find a great item at a great price!

Remember you can always request any item from me at any time by emailing

New Items on Sale!

(total price including shipping)

BANC Headphone Pattern
Price: $99 USD
Color: White

BANC Capman Zip Up Hoodie
Price: $99 USD
Color: Navy
Size: XL

BANC I Love NY Hoodie
Price: $99 USD
Color: Yellow

BANC Hero Hoodie
Price: $99 USD
Color: Black

BANC T-shirts on Sale

14 06 2009

For the next couple weeks I decided to try and get more t-shirts out to the public!  Starting today any t-shirt ordered will not be the usual $68 including shipping but will now be $50 usd including shipping.  I will post some pictures of designs that you can get.  There are a few new designs that I saw at the BANC shop last weekend and will check out some more today.

Don’t forget anyone that has pictures wearing their BANC clothes can email them to me and get them on the wall of BANCERS page.


Spring Hoodies are selling out!

14 06 2009

Since summer is upon us I have noticed that there are not many spring hoodies in stock.  Mainly the sizes are XS and S that are still available which is not good for anyone looking for a slightly larger size.  I do have one white Spring Headphone Hoodie in a MEDIUM.  If you are interested it would be $118 usd including shipping to anywhere.

Here is a picture of the design.

BANC Spring Headphone Hoodie

BANC white Headphone Hoodie


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