Happy New Year!

12 01 2010

After a long hiatus I am back in Korea and ready to help you with your BANC needs. Please email bancclothing@gmail.com with any questions or orders that you would like. I look forward to helping you style out in BANC.


Waiting for the New Year

14 10 2009

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying reading my blog and more so ordering the items that you really want and desire. I would like to let everyone who is thinking about ordering items to know that I will be taking a bit of a break from sending items. The break will last from November 10-January 1st.

I will be traveling outside of Korea from the middle-end of November through the new year. So the last day I will accept any orders will be November 10th, so that I can process and order the items for you and ship them off before I leave Korea for my break.

If you have any questions about styles, designs, colors, anything, just send an email and I will be happy to get back to you. bancclothing@gmail.com

Thanks to everyone who has ordered from me or asked questions. I hope the BANC brand is becoming better known through my website and I hope it continues to grow and serve your BANC needs.

Thank you,


Going away for a bit

2 10 2009

I will be away for a little while. Be back on Monday to handle all your BANC needs. Take care.

Washing your BANC Clothes

30 08 2009

Well, I was thinking the other day and decided to write a little suggestion for when washing your BANC items. I would suggest not putting them in the dryer because they can shrink a little. I usually wash my t-shirts and hoodies and then let them air dry hanging them in home rather than putting them in a dryer. My brother actually shrank one of his hoodies in a dryer so i would suggest staying away. Hope this little tip helps you enjoy your BANC clothes for longer 😉

Lack of Updates

30 08 2009

Sorry everyone for the lack of updates. I’ve been a little busy with some things but i’m back and ready to help you get the BANC styles you are looking for.

KPOP Music

15 07 2009

Don’t forget to check out the music section on my blog to link to MAESTRO.FM and find some great KPOP playlists!

Shrek 4 aka Green BANC

17 06 2009

New style that is pretty awesome. Shrek! I also saw a wolverine so if you are interested in that just send an email, bancclothing@gmail.com

Style: BANC Shrek and Fiona
Color: Any
Size: Any

Status: Available

Description: BANC T-shirt with Shrek and Fiona design on the front


Change it!

BANC Shrek or Fiona

BANC Shrek Front

BANC Shrek Back

BANC Shrek Design Front

BANC Shrek Design Back

BANC Fiona Front

BANC Fiona Back