BANC Headphone

Style: BANC Headphone
Color: Pink
Size: Any

Status: Available

Description: BANC Spring Hoodie with Headphone robot block design on the front


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BANC Headphone

pink front
pink back

pink logo

pink top

pink draw logo

pink tag


18 responses

25 05 2009

Hi, may I know what’s the price of this hoodie? And do you ship it to Singapore?

28 05 2009

Hi Melody, this hoodie is a spring hoodie which means it is a little lighter in weight. The price is $88 usd with $30 for shipping and can be shipped anywhere in the world. The problem with Singapore is that I don’t believe you can sign up for a paypal account. I do my transactions through paypal for now and I am not sure how else to go about that. Thank you for your interest!

6 06 2009

hello! do you ship it to Philippines? and how much?

9 06 2009

Yes, I can ship to the Philippines. I usually charge a flat rate of $30 usd for a hoodie or multiple items being shipped anywhere. Just let me know what design, size, and color you like! Thanks for stopping by!

9 06 2009

so, how can i pay? thanks!

11 06 2009

I usually set up a paypal transaction for all the items. If you email me at I can give you the details to set that up. Thanks!

7 07 2009

So it’ll be $30 for shipping if shipped to the U.S?

8 07 2009

Hi Cindy, yes for 3 or more t-shirts or a hoodie it would be $30 usd for shipping to the US. Let me know if there is any other way I can help you. Thanks for your question!

7 07 2009

hey just wondering how much this item is ? and postage to australia ? and do you have a sizing chart ? thanks.

8 07 2009

Hi Andy! Thanks for your question. The item you are referring to would be $30 usd for shipping and $88 usd for the item. I have a sizing chart located here: Size Chart. The particular item is almost sold out. I have seen a few XS and S sizes available but any larger sizes are hard to find now during the summer season. I do have this hoodie in a white color that is a size M if you are interested. Same price as the Pink one.

18 09 2009

Hello! i wonder, do you still have this in white and XS? Thanks in advance.

20 09 2009

sent an email to you.

11 10 2009

How much to ship to Canada?

14 10 2009

For hoodies or multiple items I usually charge a $30 usd flat rate to anywhere.

25 10 2009

Hi! How much is it including shipping to UK?

9 11 2009

That would be $132 usd for a winter hoodie and $118 for a spring (lighter) hoodie.

30 10 2009

hey!do you ship it to singapore or malaysia???
and how can i buy from here??

9 11 2009

Yes, I can ship it to either country. Please just send me an email to Thanks!

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