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11 05 2009

I have a question.. I REALLY REALLY want to buy (I’m going to make my brtoher cry with me), but well.. what are the prices? and do you ship to Norway?

11 05 2009

When we request or order, can we decide how the for example, hoodie, what it will look like and such??? and can we see how the hoodie will look like before we order it???

28 05 2009
Jimmy Huynh

How much for a superman and a batman t-shirt? Shipped to Canada?

28 05 2009

Hi Jimmy, T-shirts are $48 usd with $20 for shipping and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. Thanks for your question!

28 05 2009

i wanna ask do you ship to singapore?
and what is the price range for eg for the multi headphone white hoodie ((:

28 05 2009

Hi Al, I can ship to Singapore the problem with Singapore is that I believe you can not set up a paypal account. Right now my transactions are set up on paypal so we would have to figure out another way to do that.

And the price for one of those hoodies would be $102 usd.

27 06 2009

Are you shipping from the US ?

28 06 2009

No, I ship from here in Korea. Thanks for your question.

22 07 2009

Hi! Do you ship to the Philippines? if so, how much would it costs? and how much is the hoody? thank you so much

26 07 2009

Hi! Yes, I can ship to the Philippines. For t-shirts there is no extra shipping charge for a limited time. Hoodies and multiple items would be $30 usd. Payments are set up using paypal.

Thanks for your comment!

23 07 2009

im from singapore and i read that comment above that we can’t pay by paypal so i was wondering if you accept concealed cash :] ?

31 07 2009

Hey, I’m interested in getting a BANC watch for my friend’s birthday. Are you able to get watches too?

16 08 2009

I really like your shirt. And I gonna go to Hongkong and Singapore soon. Do you have shops overthere (if have, where) and how is the price.
Pls answer asap
thank you

26 08 2009

There are no shops outside of Korea. Sorry 😦

17 08 2009

Hi, i was wondering if you ship to malaysia or singapore? would like to get a few shirts and hoodies. And if u do i would like to know how u charge for multiple items shipping. Sorry if this was asked before.

26 08 2009

Hi, yes, I can ship to either country. Usually the problem I notice from Singapore is that they can not sign up for a paypal account which is how I do most of my transactions. If there are multiple items I usually only charge $30 usd for all items.

24 08 2009

I would like to order some t-shirts online as the stores all seem to have different styles and sizes.
I want to order two kids t-shirts.
Size L – kids – Superman in Blue/Black
Size M – kids – Shrek – in White

30 08 2009

Hello, I’m interested in the I LOVE NY Hoodie but I was wondering if there were other colors than yellow or is it the only one you have ?

7 09 2009

Hi Jenna, there are a few other colors but I do not have them in stock. I can search for them and see if they are still available. What color and size are you looking for?

5 09 2009

Hi der..wat if d sizes doesnt fit? do we hav 2 send it bac? wil it cost extra?

7 09 2009

You should make sure that the size will fit you perfectly. Otherwise You can send it back and I can send you a different size but you will have to pay for all shipping costs. So please make sure any items you choose will fit you correctly. Thanks.

8 09 2009

I just came back from Seoul saw and bout 4 of your shirts there WOW so cool!!!!!!

12 09 2009

Glad you liked the BANC style 🙂

13 09 2009

Hi there!!!
I just wanna ask if you ship to U.S.
cuz your style are soo cool and how much does it cost and the cost for shiping it here???
and lastly how should I pay if I buy one?
Thanks 🙂

20 09 2009

Hi Ella! Yes I can ship to the US. Usually I charge a flat rate of $30 usd for shipping to anywhere. I set up all my transactions through paypal because it’s easy, fast, and reliable.


9 10 2009

I totally love the NY hoodie. The price is 99usd but is it inclusive of the shipping fees as well? Or do u charge 99+30 for the shipping fee as well? Is there only one design for the NY hoodie? Could you show me any other designs including the one sunny is wearing as well? Thank you very much

14 10 2009

Hi Denzel, no this price is inclusive of shipping. So $99 usd and the hoodie will ship to your home. Please email me directly and we can discuss some other designs that you are interested in. Thanks!

21 10 2009

Hi, I just got interested in purchasing Banc attire (mostly the hoodies) and I was wondering if you’re able to get any styles or just the ones that you personally display on the site (Ex: colonized ones of Ultraman). Also pricing and shipping costs to the US would be appreciated 🙂

9 11 2009


I can get most any BANC style that is in stock either at a store or online. The prices are in usd:

Hoodie – $102
Spring Hoodie – $88
T-shirt – $50 (including shipping)

Thanks for your question.

30 10 2009

hey!im wondering that the cost is singapore dollars or???

9 11 2009

Hi, it is all in USD

2 11 2009

Hello sent u an email for some more info..
How much would a hoodie and T-shirt be?
What to buy before you take your break
let me know

9 11 2009

I don’t believe I saw an email before but please send it again so I can help you. Thanks!

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