BANC Pill T-shirt

22 04 2009

I was in a BANC store last weekend and I found another cool design that I really liked. The style is simple yet stands out. I liked it so much that I got one for myself in white and another for my girlfriend in pink. Now I guess we can wear them together as a couple shirt. For those of you who do not live in Korea or have no idea, couple shirts are actually quite popular. Perhaps I will write a post about it later but everywhere you go in Korea you can pretty much be guaranteed to spot a girlfriend and boyfriend sporting similar style shirts or even the same shirts. At first I found it a little funny but I guess living here for a while has changed my viewpoint on the subject.

Anyway, the shirt is cool and you can get one here in any size. Just click the GET IT! link and email me your size and color choice.



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BANC Pill front

BANC Pill back

BANC Pill Design

BANC Pill tags


Big Bang and BANC

18 04 2009

There are a lot of Kpop fans out there that love Big Bang.  To give you your fix of Big Bang I have included a link to a playlist featuring a few of their songs: BIG BANG PLAYLIST.

Now what does this have to do with my blog?  Well Big Bang has been seen wearing BANC clothing from time to time.  The best example is this picture of two members, Kwon JiYong (권지용) and Lee SeungRi (이승리)

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Big Bang wearing BANC

You may have seen this picture on many other blogs or websites while searching for BANC. Well why not get the hoodie that they are representing. It is spring hoodie with the headphone design. Here are some more pictures of the hoodie.

Find out how to get one or more details by emailing

pink front
pink back

pink logo

pink top

pink draw logo

pink tag

How can I get some BANC clothes?

13 04 2009

How does it work here? (In case you didn’t already know)

  • Choose a style (Hoodie, T-shirt, Hat, etc.)
  • Choose a design (Headphone, Banc Hero, Multi Logo, etc.)
  • Choose the color you would like (White, Black, Navy, Purple, Pink, etc.)
  • Choose a size (XS-XL, there is a size chart at the bottom of the BANC Items page)
  • Email with all your requests.

It’s as simple as that. Get some ideas throughout this blog and enjoy your browsing!

What Country do you rep?

9 04 2009

What country do you rep?  Your home country?  A country you like?  Let us know here.  Put a comment with your favorite.

Pick a color and size and let me know by clicking on Like it!

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Here is what the whole T-shirt looks like.

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Italy frontEach t-shirt has the country name spelled out in block lettering.  Pretty cool, don’t you think?
Italy Back

MULTI HEADPHONE pattern zip up Hoodie

5 04 2009

A style that is starting to grow on me are some of the multi pattern hoodies.  What do you think?  Remember if you want to ask about a different color or different size then all you have to do is email

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multi headphone front

multi headphone hoodie closeup

Multi headphone hoodie inside

Show some Love

1 04 2009

New shirt that is perfect for that special someone.  This is a really simple shirt that has a sweet design to catch your attention.  This is a great color for this design as well as pink.  Show BANC some love!

BANC Block Love T-shirt

Description: Pastel Purple color with BANC Block Love Design

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