What no BANC spree?!?

20 05 2009

That’s exactly right!

I’ve been looking around the web at some other people that are offering BANC items.  The one thing i’ve found is that a lot of them are offering these sprees.  This means that once they have enough people interested in certain items they will sell or release those items.  Now I understand the concept but I also understand that people want what they want, when they want it.

So my offer to everyone is that when you find a particular style that you really like and must have let me know and I will find it for you.  I’ve helped quite a few people with just that dilemma already.  Have questions about BANC?  Ask away.  I’m here to help anyone interested in this great brand so that it can spread throughout the world.

Sounds kind of like one of those bad hair club for men commercials, haha.  “I’m not only the hair club president, but i’m also a client.”

Want a watch, hat, hoodie?  Whatever it may be, if it’s BANC I can help.

I Want Some BANC!




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