How can I get some BANC clothes?

13 04 2009

How does it work here? (In case you didn’t already know)

  • Choose a style (Hoodie, T-shirt, Hat, etc.)
  • Choose a design (Headphone, Banc Hero, Multi Logo, etc.)
  • Choose the color you would like (White, Black, Navy, Purple, Pink, etc.)
  • Choose a size (XS-XL, there is a size chart at the bottom of the BANC Items page)
  • Email with all your requests.

It’s as simple as that. Get some ideas throughout this blog and enjoy your browsing!




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14 04 2009

I hope this makes it easier for everyone to get their hands on some great BANC clothing. Email for more information about requesting some BANC.

23 05 2009

Hey… I was just wondering if you knew where the banc stores were, or retailers. I’m pretty much addicted, bought my 11th shirt yesterday, but I wanna get some of the new shirts they released on their website. I know of the one by Hong-gik Univ. but that’s it. Any help would be appreciated.

24 05 2009

Hey Chris,

I know the exact one you are talking about. I was just there last weekend. What area do you live in? I’m assuming you have probably been to Coex mall. There is a variety mall called Enter Six. There is also a smoothly king inside so you can look it up on the mall map. I don’t think they have the largest selection but there are many other things to see and do there which wouldn’t make the trip bad if they didn’t have your styles. If you let me know where you live i can try to find more that are closer.

Soon I will post a collection of the addresses to these stores in English.



24 05 2009

I’m in Suwon… but I frequent Seoul often.
I have been to the Coex Mall, I was there this weekend,
and I found the Banc collection at Enter 6. I also went to
myoung-dong and found a lot of banc retailers in that area.
any other places I should know about? and how come
the stores don’t have the new shirts from the website?
Thanks again

28 05 2009

Hey Chris,

That’s a good question about why they don’t have the new styles. I guess typically they have the new styles online. You should check out the websites that are on the official BANC website if you want to buy some of the new items here in Korea. I can try to help you order through one of the websites if you are unsure of what to do.



ps: once i’m back from my vacation I will sit down and try to compile a list of all the addresses of BANC shops in Korea.

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